Monday, October 12, 2009

Back again

Is there anybody outside?. I guess all of you are gone as I haven't written anything on a very long time.

But anyway, I'm planning to put this blog online again. That means I should write some entries about my life, the whole two years from the last post. That's a lot of time and several things must be said both of my personal and professional life. So I think the best thing to do is to write an entry for the most relevant events:
  • I finally get married. Yeah!!
  • And we get a wonderful honey moon trip to Australia. A lot to say about that.
  • As we have bought a new home (you probably read about that), we tried and finally achieved to sell the house which was our home and the first place my nowadays wife and me have used as a place to live and start point of our life in common.
  • Oh, right, also, as crisis stroked us on the face, I also get fired for the very first time on my life. Not it was my fault, the whole company was closed. That's it, Planeta Medios Digitales closed. ADN adventure almost ended.
  • But, hey, not so bad, we started a new professional journey and created a new company by ourselves. We keep moving and evolving. Great!
  • To celebrate that, we get our new home and moved on it. Several months have gone and we can say we are pretty happy there.
  • Also, finally, I ended my career. After 8 years, I had my project written, defended and almost forgotten ;-)
  • Oh, and last but of course no least. We get pregnant!. We are waiting a wonderful little girl who will be born before the end of the year. Of course, a lot of photos comming soon.
And I think those are the news. At the end, all good news.

Keep in touch. I will go through them in detail on next posts so you will know how happy and proud I am. And in the meantime, you will see also some photos I've taken over this years and learn some new computer and technology tricks I've discovered. And why not, in a few months, a new category will be started: kids. Everything I'll be experiencing about being, whoa, daddy.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Zoom stroke


Go Alonso, go!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shell date and time tricks

One of the things I hate the most when programming is dealing with time and date functions and all the special cases which exists. Even more, I have the feeling I'm walking a path many times walked before, so it becomes one of the most unpleasant tasks for me.

Fortunately, it's true, so many others walked before that path so here are some quick tricks for shell programming using the wonderful date UN*X program:
  1. Converting epoch:
    1. From epoch to anything else: date -d @$epoch_value +FORMAT (where FORMAT is of course as described on date(1), and '@' makes the actual undocummented trick).
    2. From anything else to epoch: date +%s
  2. Calculating times
    1. One day forward: date -d "1 day"
    2. One day backwards: date -d "1 day ago"
    3. Just imagine "1 month", "3 months ago" and the like. Not only google is so friendly with human language ;-)
  3. More format conversion: '-d' option accepts several other formats as input, even with calculations:
    1. date -d "1977-08-19 30 years", yeah! my 30th birthday was on sunday. Thanks date, and it was (as epoch): date -d "1977-08-19 30 years" +%s... 1187474400 :-D
    2. Funny ls:

      ls -l | while read perms links user group size d t name
      echo $perms $links $user $group $size $( date -d "$d $t 1 day" ) $name
      You can, of course, change the way date is shown. That's because 'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm' is also a valid input format for date as it is 'YYYY/MM/DD'.
So '@', '1 day' and 'date' saved me the day.

Update: This features and more are indeed described in the coreutils info manual. Thanks mp for pointing it out.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Be water (and light) my friend (part II)

Last night we were at Parquesur shopping center at Legan├ęs, the place we are going to live in a year and a half. We had the chance to see the lights, water and music show is held there almost every summer night, so I was prepared, I had the camera and tripod at hand in prevision we would have the opportunity to take some pictures. Here are the best shots.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Night walk

This weekend, taking advantage of the full moon, we were walking without any other light (despite we carried it with us) on Navacerrada. The plan was reaching at Maliciosa to see the sunrise, but we arrived much before it and, as there was people sleeping there, we decided to go back but not before taking some pictures (Spanish comments).

For example, the TV station installed up there.

Or some other beautiful views.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Canon EF 24-105mm

This week my friend and photo master brought me a new lens from the States among other things like a grip. The winner lens was a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 USM L IS which substitutes the old entry level Canon EF 24-85 I used for learning until I found it was not enough sharp (is anybody interesting on it?). Anyway, it was good enough for its price and for the very begginer I was. Indeed those days I though it was a big one (at least compared to the other ones) but now it seems so little...

But size well worth the difference if you take a look at the so different picture results where you can appreciate the influence of the image stabilizer.

70mm 1/50 f5.0
Let's see this weekend how it works at night.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Damn GFS

Just a few hours before the public release of the portal we work on one of the cluster machines get overloaded by issues no relevant for the point. The fact is once the machine started to not answer properly so it was fenced by some other node, but the problem was once this automatic action was held, the whole 6 machines GFS cluster went down letting all the machines unusable.

This, in addition to all of the previous issues we suffered on GFS, made us really thinking about purging GFS in favor of NFS. It was no an easy decision as it was fully against all our previous decisions but we weren't confident about GFS in the production systems. So we migrated it in a time record configuring everything by night so at six o'clock service would be held properly. And we managed to fulfill this purpose. We made it!

We are now tired after about 27 continuous working hours but the overall result was quite acceptable. I'm still proud about or design (not so much about my own decissions) which allowed us to make this king of changes so quickly.

But you can be sure I don't think we will never again think about installing GFS on any system as it seems not being production suitable (as RedHat even says so). And it is not only because the buggy GFS2 (at least, at present date) but for the sensation of instability all over the time we had it installed.

So in a few hours our architecture has been changed, but it was setup for the very moment we were accepting requests.

Monday, July 16, 2007

And ADN is out

In beta, yes:

You will need a user (maybe 'adn' will be a good choice) ... and the password?. Ok, 'adnbeta'. And that is, you can finally see our effort results and become one of our beta testers. That will allow you to register your preferred nick in advance and reserve it for your own use.

Enjoy it!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday working day

We are almost out. Quite soon you will experience a lot of changes at from its current aspect to a new and improved one. At least that's our hope and what we have been working for. Not all expected functionality will be included in this first release and not all the errors fixed mainly for a lack of time. But we are now in that stage when you must choose between releasing soon enough and begin competition and waiting until you can show a good enough product.

Or what usually happens: that it is finally a marketing decision not related to any technical issue.

Anyway, we were working hard today. Something that is getting on their nerves to our families and beloved girlfriends. Mine, for instance, decided to take her holidays at her village near Gredos. A very quiet and calm place I would like to be at... right now!.

At least, the project is being quite interesting, we have done (what we think is) a very good work designing everything so we expect result will be rather good. Let's see.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Forgetting stress

Here goes a selection of pictures I took while trying to relax before the final release week.

"Relaxing" leaf ;-)

Water arc (at the place we are going to be married).

Crystal forest.